Backyard Astronomy – Gazing Into The Past

Astronomy remains alpha Centauri

Astronomy remains one of the most popular hobbies. One of the main reasons is that you can gaze at the stars almost anywhere. Although rural settings away from city lights are best, everyone can see the moon. And although the closest star (after our sun), Alpha Centauri, is more than 4 light-years away, it can be easily seen with the naked eye. info Technology hub, using a telescope can be impressive. The view of the sky through a small telescope is something that you have to experience to appreciate it. Although modern technology allows us to see the celestial kingdom with images on television and on the Internet, there is nothing like seeing it through a telescope.

Different telescopes Alpha Centauri

There are basically three types of telescopes. The refractor and the reflector and the retro-reflector. The refracting telescope collects and bends light with a convex lens and an eyepiece. This bending or refraction concentrates light rays at a small focal point so that things appear larger or brighter. On the other hand, as its name implies, the telescope reflects light from a convex mirror at the back of the telescope to another mirror in front and finally to the eyepiece.

The convex shape of the mirror “lifts” and concentrates light at a focal point, thus enlarging an object. Caution: Objects in a telescope look closer than they actually are. The third type, called catadioptric, combines characteristics of reflective and refractor telescopes. Which is the best? For image quality and portability, my pick is retro-reflector. It is easy to transport and has the best features in both reflecting and refracting telescopes. Due to the design, catadioptric telescopes are almost completely free of the coma found in reflectors and chromatic aberration in refractors.

Chromatic aberration is the distortion alpha centauri

Chromatic aberration is the distortion of color due to the inability of lenses to focus on different colors of light. Coma is the distortion of an object at the edge of your field of vision. Convenience is another factor to consider. If you have to carry your telescope as I do, you will appreciate the reflector’s compact size, lightweight, and how easy it is to install and remove. Travel back in time.

We all know that light travels at an incredible speed of 300,000 kilometers per second. Even our sunlight takes about 8 minutes to reach us once it is left on the surface. Now think of our closest neighbor, Alpha Centauri. It is more than 4 light-years distant, so the light from its “surface began its” journey more than 4 years ago. In fact. we see it as it was more than 4 years ago. In a very real sense, we look back in time. Think about what you did 4 years ago. Whatever it was while doing it, the light came from the surface of Alpha Centauri and came screaming over 300,000 kilometers per second on the long journey to Earth and arrived here just a few minutes ago. Alpha Centauri is actually part of a star system.


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