Ancient Cosmos

A Star-Struck Galaxy Sparkles In The Ancient Cosmos

The Abell 2744 cluster of galaxies, sometimes Ancient Cosmos called the Pandora cluster, is a massive structure containing a myriad of starlit galaxies. As well as a rich abundance of gas that burns so much that it only glows in X-rays. In February 2014, info technology hub Astronomers using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope (SST) and

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Some Miracles of the Qur’an Relating the Universe

    The 20th century saw a wide range of new discoveries related to celestial phenomena in the universe. One such device that has recently been found is the black hole. These form when a star that has used up all its fuel collapses in on itself and eventually becomes a black hole with infinite

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Astrology – A Universal Map For Experience

The elderly lived their lives from dawn to dusk with a few moments of Universal dawn and dusk added in for good measure. Living was primitive, tough, dangerous, and unforgiving. People had to make the most of daylight, which varied from season to season. When the natural light disappeared, the people were practically dark, with

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The Shift From the Age of Pisces to Aquarius, And What to Expect

2012 was the symbolic beginning of the Age of Aquarius, but according to some, the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius is still a long way off! In this author’s opinion, we actually entered the Aquarian transition period a few hundred years ago. Each zodiac sign is approximately 2,000 years in length with a

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Common Space Acronyms in Astronomy and Aeronautics

As Aeronautics, “space” is used in various ways. Space can be the void that surrounds the earth, in a space, somewhere, in a document and even in the abstract sense like breathing in a speech that is being held. In commercial terms, concepts of spatial economy and use of space are also often found. science

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Simulation Hypothesis

The Simulation Hypothesis: Evidence From Astronomy

If you agree that the evidence is Simulation Hypothesis something that you can independently verify for yourself, then the following evidence, while suggestive, is in favor of the simulation hypothesis. Be prepared to reconsider everything you think you technology hub The simulation hypothesis and long-duration echoes Long Delayed Echoes – Another software / computer

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Developments in Astronomy Telescopes

Ever since the Dutch optician Hans Lippershey first examined the one he invented in 1608 the Telescopes has been an important tool for studying “really far away” things. In the last 500 years there have been great advances in astronomical telescopes, but most have occurred in the last two centuries. First Practical Telescope The first

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History Of Astronomy

Astronomy we look at the stars, we think of the unknown and the future, but more than any other science, astronomy is deeply root in the past. From Stonehenge to Galileo to the Hubble telescope, the following article describes the history of astronomy. Stonehenge The Egyptians, Mayans, and Chinese were all ardent sky watchers. Perhaps

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red giant

Amateur Astronomy

Let’s not confuse astrology with astronomy; “Astrology” is not the same as today’s astronomy. It is the oldest skill. (“Astronomy” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). But at all levels it is the view of the sky. It is an effort to understand the composition and history of the cosmos. It is our tool to unlock

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Year of Astronomy

Sydney Museum and Science – International Year of Astronomy

2009 has been consider the International Year of Astronomy, and Sydney has brought the issue directly to its chest.   The Sydney Observatory and New South Wales Observatories have planned a universe of events aimed at raising public awareness of the beauty and breathtaking views that the universe offers. But before I go into the

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