Some Miracles of the Qur’an Relating the Universe



The 20th century saw a wide range of new discoveries related to celestial phenomena in the universe. One such device that has recently been found is the black hole. These form when a star that has used up all its fuel collapses in on itself and eventually becomes a black hole with infinite density and zero volume and an extremely powerful magnetic field. We cannot see black holes even with the most powerful telescope because their gravity is so strong that light cannot escape from them. However, such a collapse star can be perceive by the effect it has on the surrounding area. In Surat al-Waqi’a, Allah draws kindness to this stuff in this way by blasphemy on the situation of the stars:


And I swear by the position of the stars, and it’s a mighty oath if you only knew. (Quran, 56: 75-76)

Black hole

The term “black hole” was first coined in 1969 by the American physicist John Wheeler. Previously, we imagined that we could see all the stars. Later, however, it turn out that there were stars in space whose light we could not perceive. Because the light from these collapsed stars disappears. Light cannot leakage from a black dump since it is such a high absorption of frame in a unimportant planetary. The enormous gravity captures even the fastest particles, that is. photons. For example, the last phase of a typical star, three times the mass of the sun, ends after its burning and implosion as a black hole only 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) in diameter. Black hole are “black”, that is. blurr by direct observation. However, they are reveal indirectly by the enormous suction that their gravity exert on other celestial body. In addition to representations of doomsday, the following verse may also point to this scientific discovery of black holes:


When the stars are off. (Quran, 77: 8)


In addition, stars with large mass also cause string to be perceive in space. However, black holes not only cause bends in space, they also open it up. Therefore, these collapse stars are know as black holes. This fact can be mentioned in the verse about the stars, and this is another important information that shows that the Quran is the word of Allah:


[I swear] to heaven and Tariq! And what will Tariq convey to you? Star piercing! (Quran, 86: 1-3)




[I swear] to heaven and Tariq! And what will Tariq convey to you? Star piercing! (Quran, 86: 1-3)

The word “Tariq”, the name of Sura 86, emanates from the root “tarq”, the straightforward meaning of which is to strike hard enough to produce a sound or strike. When one thinks of the possible meaning of the word as “hit”, “hit hard”, our attention in this sura may turn to an important scientific fact. Before we look at this information, let’s look at the other words used in the verse to describe these stars. The term “al-taariqi” in the previous verse means a star that pierces the night, permeates the darkness, is born in the night, penetrates and advances, a striking, striking or sharp star. Also, the term “wa” draws attention to things sworn in heaven and Tariq.

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