Developments in Astronomy Telescopes

Ever since the Dutch optician Hans Lippershey first examined the one he invented in 1608 the Telescopes has been an important tool for studying “really far away” things. In the last 500 years there have been great advances in astronomical telescopes, but most have occurred in the last two centuries. First Practical Telescope The first

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History Of Astronomy

Astronomy we look at the stars, we think of the unknown and the future, but more than any other science, astronomy is deeply root in the past. From Stonehenge to Galileo to the Hubble telescope, the following article describes the history of astronomy. Stonehenge The Egyptians, Mayans, and Chinese were all ardent sky watchers. Perhaps

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red giant

Amateur Astronomy

Let’s not confuse astrology with astronomy; “Astrology” is not the same as today’s astronomy. It is the oldest skill. (“Astronomy” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). But at all levels it is the view of the sky. It is an effort to understand the composition and history of the cosmos. It is our tool to unlock

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Year of Astronomy

Sydney Museum and Science – International Year of Astronomy

2009 has been consider the International Year of Astronomy, and Sydney has brought the issue directly to its chest.   The Sydney Observatory and New South Wales Observatories have planned a universe of events aimed at raising public awareness of the beauty and breathtaking views that the universe offers. But before I go into the

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The Universe Is Not There As We See It

The Universe Is Not There As We See It The Universe is the name we gave to the vast expanse of everything we know and do not know. When people could not define the boundaries of the sky above them, they called it collective. Since the word was first used, the universe has had many

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A Red Giant With A Flare

A Red Giant With A Flare Red Giant stars are huge, luminous stars with small or intermediate masses that are approx. 0.3 to 8 times larger than our own star, the sun. These giant ancient stars are in the final stages of stellar evolution, and they are well on their way to their inevitable doom.

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Telescopic Binoculars – Tailor Made For the Astronomer

All thanks to the man who invented the first Telescopic. Unfortunately, he died anonymously. As they say, the great ones live and die in silence. But Hans Lippershey, who popularize its use, was luckier to be recognized. Later, the application was extend to the sky by Galileo Galilee in the study of astronomy. With his

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An Introduction to Meade and Celestron Telescopes

Are you simply a fan of the clear night sky and want to take your Celestron astronomy knowledge even further than Galileo did? All you need is 20/20 vision and a clear, reliable astronomical telescope to get your astronomical adventure off to a unique start. Two of the leading names in the world of manufacturing

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The Most Powerful Telescope Will Fit Into Your Pocket

Shrinkage of the Telescope: “Astronomers in the last 50 years have made wonderful discoveries, expanded our understanding of the universe and opened humanity’s view beyond the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our knowledge of how the cosmos was born and how many of its phenomena growing exponentially in a single human lifetime.Despite these great

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Equipment for the Amateur Astronomer

Binoculars and telescopes and other astronomy Equipment and accessories are meat and potatoes from amateur astronomy. A good pair of binoculars is what introduced me to the joy of staring at the star many months ago, and only after a few years of scanning the sky did I finish a telescope. It was one of

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