The Shift From the Age of Pisces to Aquarius, And What to Expect

2012 was the symbolic beginning of the Age of Aquarius, but according to some, the true beginning

of the Age of Aquarius is still a long way off! In this author’s opinion, we actually entered the

Aquarian transition period a few hundred years ago. Each zodiac sign is approximately 2,000

years in length with a few hundred years of transition at both ends. The age of the fish began

with the age of Christ, around 4 BC. C.


Aquarium brings changes that are as powerful as the age of the fish. These changes will be based

more on the air element (mindfulness) than on the water (emotions). We are already embracing

a scientific world full of research and technology of all kinds, from electrical to genetics. Radio bandwidths and immeasurable wireless strategies colonize our lives. Information sharing is

everywhere and networking over radio waves, like the Internet, is common. Technology has

exploded with ipads, smartphones, electronic music, and digital entertainment of all kinds.

Uranus, the new ruler of Aquarius, was seen in 1781. Aquarian innovations began to emerge

almost immediately after this discovery, and the newly created sciences received a great boost.

Aquarius represents the modern age of science. A few years before the discovery of Uranus, Ben

Franklin realized that lightning was actually an electrical current. For 50 years. He then established

the scientific basis for chemistry and atomic theory. Airplanes were invented and we went to heaven

with air travel in a big way. The understanding of electromagnetism developed at this time along

with Ohm’s law and the first law of thermodynamics. With the new discovery of Neptune in 1846,

the age of fish changed even more, paving the way for genetics, the periodic table, X-rays,

radioactivity, nuclear fission, DNA, and quantum theory. A new planet, once recognized (and

therefore conscious), is closely linked to what is evolving in human evolution at that time. So

Aquarius has come to dominate the world of technology with its many scientific inventions,

space research, aerospace, robotics, genetic engineering, lasers, and the computer revolution.

Spring marks

Each era of the zodiac is established when the sun rises in a new sign of the ecliptic on the

equinox. Spring marks a new beginning each year, and the coming age gives birth to a new understanding of life. The signs of the new age signal the kind of evolutionary changes that await.

Fish, for example, are signs of spirituality, and all three Abrahamic religions were established

during this period. Pisces is also a sign of sacrifice and suffering, which brings us martyrs like

Christ and Joan of Arc. Fish rule isolated places like monasteries and, interestingly, hospitals,

libraries and prisons grew a lot during this period (and unfortunately dungeons too). Fish, fish,

also control hydroelectric power, oceans and rivers, and this era dissolved many borders through

trade. with an explosion of ships and navigation. Pisces is also a sign of romantic love, becoming

a powerful movement in Central Europe during the time of the Knights.

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