red giant

Amateur Astronomy

Let’s not confuse astrology with astronomy; “Astrology” is not the same as today’s astronomy. It is the oldest skill. (“Astronomy” from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). But at all levels it is the view of the sky. It is an effort to understand the composition and history of the cosmos. It is our tool to unlock

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astronomy Can Use Telescopes?

So can I really use binoculars for astronomy? The short answer is yes. Most people only consider astronomy accessible if you have a telescope, but the reality is that binoculars are a great option for gazing at the stars at night. They offer a range of advantages over telescopes and are certainly a good option

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Infrared Cameras

How Do Infrared Cameras Work?

How Do Infrared Cameras Work? Have you ever wondered what infrared cameras are and how they work? To begin to understand how they work, you must first understand and know what infrared is. Infrared is a layer of light that cannot be see with the naked eye. The colors of objects that you actually see

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